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There are several ways to sell an asset, however determining which method will provide you with the highest return requires a solid knowledge of the real estate industry and its current climate. M. Shapiro can recommend various alternatives for disposition of your assets so that you may negotiate your best deal and feel confident in your decisions.

M. Shapiro’s services can assist you with a variety of methods for disposition of your asset including conversion, repositioning of assets, sales and leasing. Our goal is to maximize your value.

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M. Shapiro has handled various types of conversions including turning around failed condominium projects, converting condominiums to apartments (and apartments to condominiums), transforming industrial space to commercial or residential space to maximize an assets potential. Using existing foundations, we have also reconfigured building plans to create a development better suited to the current market place.



Our nationwide operations give us a unique perspective on the market and buyer needs. We can reposition properties by changing existing or previously anticipated uses to create additional property value. We work diligently with all necessary governmental authorities to ensure a successful transition.


Using our extensive network, national resources and professional backgrounds, we have managed to get our clients significant returns on assets they may have rendered worthless and have managed a quick turn around various properties that were sitting idle. With many of the distressed properties we manage on behalf of our clients, we are able to fill vacancies and rid unlawful tenants; turning properties around to resulting in many profitable sales.

With over three decades in the real estate industry, M. Shapiro will help you determine the best approach for each situation. We have the ability to act as the broker and sell your asset directly or we can facilitate the sales process for you.

The key to our success with our clients is that we handle each property as if it were one of our own properties. Utilizing our local and national broker networks, online databases, and our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry; our team is equipped to attend to every detail for the successful disposition of any property.